The Foundation

Fast developing modern technologies are an integral part of 21st centuries every day life. This has changed the pace of media development greatly. Each new day creates  new blogs, forums, social platforms, online encyclopedias, which makes online media accessible to more people. Our switch to the online media world brings the need of fresh knowledge and specific skills. Sadly, there are still countries were professionals of the media field lack the necessary tools and education to keep up. Main reason for this, is improper infrastructure, old equipment and the lack of skilled human resources.

On March 10, 2010 International Foundation for Innovative Technologies (IFIT) was founded in Tbilisi. The main goals of the foundation in Georgia and the Caucasus region are:

  • Elevating the quality of journalism
  • Enhancing skills of media field personnel
  • Creating modern broadcasting infrastructure
  • Enhancing the skills of productions studio and movie studio peronnel
  • Helping development of production and movie field
  • Technical upgrade of broadcasting companies
  • Implementation of modern and innovative technologies
  • Creating strong network of media field professionals

In order to meet its goals, the foundation has implemented various projects and carried out educational events, such as: